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  • BitMovio
    BitMovio Airdrop is worth free MVIBT tokens. Complete tasks and invite friends to earn entries. The ratio of MVBIT to valid Gleam entry = 1:2. About BitMovio BitMovio is a gamified video streaming platform for the Fortnite generation with a freemium business model. BitMovio transforms fundamentally how content is monetized, how… Read more »
  • BitNautic
    BitNautic Airdrop is worth 200 BTNT tokens (~$ 0.50) for the first 1,000 lucky participants.  About BitNautic BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters. BitNautic… Read more »
  • Verasity Triviata
    Verasity Triviata Leaderboard Competition is worth $10k in Verasity VRAB playing Triviata. Earn crystals in the Triviata App to get to the top of the competition leaderboard! Triviata is a Quiz game with thousands of questions on various topics. You choose the quiz length and difficulty. Beat others in global and local competitions!  Leaderboard Prizes:… Read more »
  • Ethereum Referral
    Ethereum Referral Airdrop is worth €2 in ETH. About Ethereum Referral Airdrop Campaign For the pro-plan we introduced a referral system where you can earn free Ethereum. It works like any other reward system you already know from the free airdrops you’ve been collecting. Scroll down to read how you can earn… Read more »
  • Stan World
    Stan World Airdrop is worth ~$1 in STAN tokens. About Stan World Stan World is a virtual world platform of the Stans, by the Stans, and for the Stans. They found that the strongest, and most genuine friendship bonds are formed between people who share the same interest and passion. Would you like… Read more »
  • BuyAnyLight
    BuyAnyLight Airdrop is worth up to 30 BAL tokens (~$ 9). Share your referral link to earn 5 BAL tokens (~$ 1.50) for every referral.  About BuyAnyLight BuyAnyLight is a state-of-the-art platform for buying, selling, sourcing, or requesting a consultation for acquiring light products at competitive market rates. It offers a decentralized blockchain-based platform… Read more »
  • PodMiners
    PodMiners Airdrop is worth 19 POMT tokens (~$ 9.50). Share your referral link to earn 4 POMT tokens (~$ 2) for every referral.  About PodMiners PodMiners is a blockchain-based platform where you can live stream and broadcast the pre-recorded shows. PodMiners ensures that all the content creators will receive the credit and reward for… Read more »
  • Somnium Space
    Somnium Space Airdrop Contest is worth $5,000 worth CUBE tokens in total. 150 Randomly picked users will receive 50 CUBE Tokens each. Also, there are leaderboard prizes: 1st prize is 5000 CUBE Tokens, 2nd-5th prize is 2500 CUBE Tokens, and 6th -15th prize is 1000 CUBE Tokens.  Note: This is a Contest, there will be 150 randomly picked winners & leaderboard prizes for the top… Read more »
  • Crypto Adventure
    Crypto Adventure Airdrop is worth up to 10,000 $BTK coins. Share your referral link to earn 200 $BTK coins for every referral.  About Crypto Adventure Crypto Adventure provides daily cryptocurrency-related content from news to in-depth reviews of companies, ICO, coins, beginners guides, as well as other related posts to help crypto enthusiasts with… Read more »
  • SynchroBit
    SynchroBit Airdrop is worth 80 SNB tokens (~$ 28). Share your referral link to earn 5 SNB tokens (~$ 1.75) for every referral.  About SynchroBit SynchroBit is the first hybrid multipurpose digital assets trading platform for trading all kinds of cryptocurrencies, energy, precious metals, commodities, etc., with both fiat and major cryptocurrencies… Read more »
  • Lider Token
    Lider Token Airdrop is worth up to 1,000 LIDER tokens (~$ 14). Invite friends to earn 70 LIDER tokens (~$ 1) for every referral. About Lider Token The Lider Token Project team are developing a unique Unified Digital Platform Lider. They organize loyalty programs for clients and employees of direct selling companies. Their… Read more »
  • QANplatform
    QANplatform Airdrop is worth up to 7.5 QARK tokens (~$ 3). About QANplatform QAN is the first quantum-proof, secure, fast and multilingual crypto platform that runs smart contracts in all major languages and meets the real demands of industries adopting crypto. The unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) protocol behind it was built with… Read more »
  • Distichain
    Distichain Airdrop is worth up to 800 DST tokens (~$ 8).  About Distichain Distichain is an AI and Blockchain integrated secure B2B e-commerce ecosystem that relies on a network of buyers, sellers, banks, logistics providers, and insurance companies together to create end to end transactions seamlessly and securely. In a world with… Read more »
  • dClinic
    dClinic Airdrop is worth up to 70 VIC tokens (~$ 7). Invite friends to earn 10 VIC tokens (~$ 1) for every referral. About dClinic dClinic (‘digital Clinic’) believes the combination of owning the facilities and providing the Blockchain Technology Platform for the delivery of vitality and wellness services in… Read more »
  • Freelanex
    Freelanex Airdrop is worth up to 7350 FLX tokens (~$ 29.4). Refer friends to earn 500 FLX tokens (~$ 2) for every referral. About Freelanex Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain. It represents an unique opportunity for approaching bargains by using a decentralized system… Read more »
  • OVR
    OVR Airdrop is worth 10 OVR tokens (~$ 1) for every friend you invite, with a maximum of 100 referrals. Also, get a chance to win $15,000 worth of OVR tokens and a Magic Leap Personal Headset Bundle, with an estimated retail value of $2,295.  About OVR OVR is a World Scale, open-source, AR… Read more »
  • Easy Feedback Token
    EasyFeedback Airdrop is worth 100 EFT tokens (~$ 5). Share your referral link to earn 20 EFT tokens (~$ 1) for every referral.  About Easy Feedback Token EasyFeedback aspires to transform things because it helps companies to achieve care excellence towards its customers and encourages creativity to improve company products, services and processes and… Read more »
  • Litecoin by Huobi Wallet
    Huobi Wallet is airdropping 188 LTC coins (~$ 14,000) to Celebrate their 1-year Anniversary. All the qualified participants will share 188 Litecoin equally. About Huobi Wallet Huobi Wallet is a professional Multi-chain light wallet by Huobi Exchange. Based on the combined security expertise and technology development of the Huobi Group in the field… Read more »
  • MyCointainer x BTK
    MyCointainer x BTK Airdrop is worth up to 1,500 $BTK coins. Share your referral link to earn 200 $BTK coins for every referral. Also, Top 3 referrals will get 1.000.000 $BTK and 10 randomly chosen participants will get 50.000 $BTK. About MyCointainer & Bitcoin Turbo Koin  MyCointainer is a solution designed especially for newcomers… Read more »
  • SonicX
    SonicX Airdrop is worth 2,500 SOX coins (~$ 10). About SonicX SonicX is a blockchain platform that provides trust, security and efficiency. It will be a payment gateway that facilitates P2P transactions, a tokenized system for content storage and online gaming. The coin can also be used for making cross-border payments. The… Read more »
  • Tycoon
    Tycoon Airdrop is worth ~$5,000 worth of TYC tokens for the top 1 to 10 participants. Top 11 to 5,000 will receive ~$50 worth of TYC tokens. Complete tasks and invite friends to earn more points. About Tycoon Tycoon serves as a secured interface between professional traders and end users.… Read more »
  • Guang Game
    Guang Game Airdrop is worth ~$10 of TAZchip tokens. About Guang Game  Guang Game offers a variety of card games based on the EOS blockchain. Players can enjoy fun and fair games on a safe and verifiable platform through the blockchain. Guang Game aims to leverage the strength of the EOS… Read more »
  • ReFork
    ReFork Airdrop is worth 200 EFK tokens (~$10). Share your referral link to earn 20 EFK tokens (~$1) for every referral.  About ReFork ReFork wants to avoid using disposable plastics by producing 100% biodegradable materials which do not threaten our nature. Disposable plastics will be forbidden to be used in the EU countries… Read more »
  • Hasanah
    Hasanah Airdrop is worth up to 115 HUT tokens (~$ 8). Share your referral link to earn 5 HUT tokens (~$ 0.35) for every referral.  About Hasanah Hasanah provides a system that can make it easier for the community of entrepreneurs who are members of the Cooperative to develop their businesses. Through the HUT… Read more »
  • Sentex Exchange
    Sentex Exchange Airdrop is worth 500 SNTX tokens (~$ 7.50).  About Sentex Exchange  Sentex Exchange is a new cryptocurrency exchange that helps users to buy and sell a large variety of coins with greater speed, security and efficiency. Sentex Exchange will initially charge a 0.35% fixed fee per trade. Other variations will be… Read more »
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