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  • Co-DEX
    Co-DEX Airdrop is worth 250 COD1 tokens (~$12.50). Share your referral link to earn 50 COD1 tokens (~$ 2.50) for every referral. About Co-DEX Co-DEX is a Decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies, built on vanguard security infrastructure and using a revolutionary system. Co-DEX is an exchange created by the community,… Read more »
  • aXpire x Magnum Wallet
    aXpire x Magnum Wallet Airdrop is worth 25 AXPR tokens (~$ 0.25) for the first 10,000 participants. Share your referral link to earn 2.5 AXPR tokens for each referral. You can refer up to 4 people maximum.  About aXpire & Magnum Wallet aXpire is a blockchain technology-based spend management software company, initially supporting asset managers within… Read more »
  • KryptoRedeem
    KryptoRedeem Airdrop is worth up to 18 KRT tokens (~$ 10). Share your referral link to earn 9 KRT tokens (~$ 5) for every referral. Also, you will have a chance to win one of 3 prizes: 1st prize: $10,000 in KRT, 2nd prize: $5,000 in KRT, 3rd prize: $2,500 in KRT. About KryptoRedeem  KryptoRedeem builds a Blockchain based platform… Read more »
  • Global Currency Unit
    Global Currency Unit Airdrop is worth up to 25,000 GCUs (~$ 1,500) for the first 10,000 supporters. Next 90,000 supporters will receive 5,000 GCU  (~$ 300) each, and Next 900,000 supporters will receive 1,000 GCU  (~$ 60) each.   About Global Currency Unit Global Currency Unit (GCU™) is the hottest new cryptocurrency that is being positioned as… Read more »
  • Livetree
    Livetree Airdrop is worth 5 SED tokens (~$ 5). Invite friends to earn 5 SED tokens (~$ 5) for every invited friend - they will also receive 5 SED tokens. About Livetree LiveTree is decentralising the entertainment industry by giving global audiences the power to support the production of meaningful… Read more »
    RHOVIT Airdrop is worth 40 Rbits tokens (~$ 10). Share your referral link to earn 40 Rbits tokens (~$ 10) for each referral who signs up and unlocks content! The top 100 people with the most referrals will also win one of the limited edition Blackcards. Also, participate in the RHOVIT Airdrop… Read more »
  • Ellcrys round 2
    Ellcrys Airdrop is worth 500 ELL tokens (~$ 40). About Ellcrys Ellcrys is a new blockchain that will allow people to build community-owned software products and organizations. Ellcrys is building a decentralized git hosting platform that will make it possible for people to contribute to open source projects where there may… Read more »
  • AllForCrypto
    AllForCrypto Airdrop is worth 8 AFCT (~$ 2) tokens. Share your referral link to earn 1 AFCT token (~$ 0.25) for every referral. About AllForCrypto AllForCrypto brings a blockchain-based solution to the issues that arise in P2P buying and selling goods and services online аllоwing users tо buу аnd ѕеll items for Bitcoin and аltсоinѕ, perfect mоnеу, аnd… Read more »
  • TeleCoin
    TeleCoin Airdrop is worth up to 3.75 TELE tokens (~$ 5) for the first 10,000 participants. About TeleCoin Telecoin is a peer-to-peer anonymous cryptocurrency that is built using high end encryption. Telecoin has been developed to improve the privacy and security of transactions in a fast paced globalized world of… Read more »
  • LimonX
    LimonX Airdrop Contest is worth 14.500 LMXC tokens (~$ 6500) in total. 45 randomly picked winners will receive 25 $LMXC each.  Also, there are leaderboard prizes: 1st prize is 500 LMXC tokens (~$ 250), 2nd - 8th price is 100 LMXC tokens (~$ 50) and 9th - 25th price is 50 LMXC tokens (~$ 25). Complete Bounty tasks to earn additionals LMXC tokens.  About LimonX LimonXchain will… Read more »
  • Atomic Wallet Round 2
    Atomic Wallet Airdrop Round 2 is worth up to 50 AWC tokens (~$ 1.5). Share your referral link to earn additional 25 AWC tokens (~$ 0.75). About Atomic Wallet Atomic Wallet is a new technology that makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies directly and without third parties. Atomic Swap Wallet offers… Read more »
  • USDX Wallet
    USDX Wallet Airdrop is worth up to 10 USDX tokens (~$10). Share your referral link to earn 2 USDX tokens (~$ 2) per referral. About USDX Wallet USDX Wallet is a blockchain-based cryptowallet made for instant transfers. It features USDX − a stable cryptocurrency for everyday use. Pegged to the U.S.… Read more »
  • MyCointainer
    MyCointainer is giving away 50 shared masternodes and a prize pool of $250 in Bitcoin to the top 3 referrals. First top referrer will receive free BTC worth $150 and the third and second top referrer will receive $50.  Don't know what masternodes are? Check out our blog about masternodes. Note: in order… Read more »
  • Minglechain Round 2
    Minglechain Airdrop is worth up to 170 MC tokens (~$ 24). Share your referral link to earn 25 MC tokens (~$ 4) for every referral. After succesfully closing the first round of the Minglechain Airdrop, round 2 started! Round 1 participants can participate to round 2, but the step "Download Minglechain… Read more »
  • CIA x SaTT Round 2
    CIA Airdrop is worth up to 3,600 SaTT tokens (~$ 15.12). Share your referral link to earn 200 SaTT tokens (~$ 0.84) for every referral.  After succesfully closing the first round of CIA x SaTT Airdrop, round 2 started! Round 1 participants can also participate in Round 2. About CIA & SaTT… Read more »
  • MeconCash
    MeconCash Airdrop is worth ~$ 5 in MCH coins.  About MeconCash MeconCash offers a blockchain-based new paradigm for a mobile app, game service and P2P trade of cryptocurrency. MeconCash will be used as a payment method and reward currency in mobile applications, games, and character services in the blockchain ecosystem. It… Read more »
  • EzyStayz
    EzyStayz Airdrop is worth 100 EZT Tokens (~$ 4) for the first 10,000 participants.  About EzyStayz EzyStayz is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation properties around the world, either online or from a mobile phone. Whether you are choosing an apartment for a night, a… Read more »
  • Captain Bitcoin
    Captain Bitcoin Airdrop is worth up to 500,000,000 CAPT tokens in total.  First thousand people will receive 20,000 CAPT tokens for signing up, and the rewards go through a ‘halving’ event as more users join the platform. So, next 2,000 sign-ups receive 10,000 CAPT tokens, the next 4,000 receive 5,000 CAPT tokens and so… Read more »
  • Khipu
    Khipu is worth 300.000 KIP tokens (~$ 15.500) in total. Share your referral link to earn an additional 1 Entry for every referral, up to 100.  About Khipu Khipu aims to explore and implement a whole set of design patterns and infrastructure to refactor enterprise applications onto the blockchain, as well as to establish,… Read more »
  • Civic
    Civic Airdrop Referral Campaign is worth up to 25,000 CVC tokens. In order to get rewarderd, you need to join the waitlist and invite friends. The higher you rank, the more CVC tokens you will receive. The prizes are: The referrers ranked 1 – 500, will each receive 25,000 CVC tokens.… Read more »
  • Novem Gold
    Novem Gold Airdrop is worth 3 NVM tokens (~$ 2.50). Share your referral link to earn 2 NVM tokens (~$ 1.67) for every referral. About Novem Gold Novem is set to transform the precious metal industry through the use of high ethical standards, modern communications, and advanced blockchain technology. Novem Gold is changing the… Read more »
  • SDA Entrepreneur
    SDA Entrepreneur Airdrop is worth 150 FREE tokens (~$ 3). Share your referral link to earn 50 FREE tokens (~$ 1) for every referral. About SDAT SDAT is a decentralized exchange and has 3 key world-pioneering features: transaction immutability, transparency and distributed ledger technology. These 3 features enhance transaction security for tokens… Read more »
  • Ten Billion Coin
    Ten Billion Coin Airdrop is worth 3,000 YBY tokens (~$ 15) for the first 5,000 participants. About Ten Billion Coin Ten Billion Coin is a new blockchain designed to empower Chinese industries looking to leverage the power of distributed ledger technology to implement a fair platform where all transactions are recorded and… Read more »
  • CryptoKnowmics
    CryptoKnowmics Airdrop is worth $1 Million of CKM tokens in total. Minimum rewards are $5 worth of CKM tokens, up to 2,083 CKM tokens each (Min. 1000 points to qualify). The maximum reward is $25000 (up to 10,416,667 CKM). Share your referral link to earn 100 Points (~$ 0,50) for every referral.  About CryptoKnowmics CryptoKnowmics is an innovative, decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect… Read more »
  • MedK
    MedK Airdrop Contest is worth 200 MEDK tokens (~$ 20) for 50 randomly picked winners. There are also leaderbord prizes: 1st prize is 10,000 MEDK tokens (~$ 1,000), 2nd-5th prize is 2,500 MEDK tokems (~$ 250), 6th-15th prize is 1,000 MEDK tokens (~$ 100) and 16th-25th price is 500 MEDK… Read more »
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